Stepping out in Faith

Recently I made a big career change from a salary payed position that I held for 5 years to a commission only career… Real Estate.
For those of you who have not heard the story, I was approached by a few different women on different occasions that suggested I get in to real estate. By the fourth person over a months time frame I realized that God was doing his best to open my eyes to another path. I still put it off for a few more weeks. You know when you hit that moment where you turn to God, and say…Ok God if this is REALLY you THEN…

Well that THEN happened again that day another lady mentioned me getting into real estate. So I got online that day and signed up for a course that took me less than 3 weeks to finish with flying colors. I took the exam within a week of receiving the state confirmation. Prayed over the test, took it in less than an hour and out prints the CONGRATULATIONS YOU PASSED form. Yep that easy!

So then came the figure out how to go from a completely secure job to a non payed until I closed something job. Not to mention the almost $2000 it cost to start my Real Estate Career. So I prayed & prayed, every day over every situation that I struggled with. When I say prayed… I mean specifically prayed.

The current Job: On my way to talk with the Boss “Lord please put on my boss’s heart exactly when I should make the transition, whether it is this month, 6 months or a year. Please give him wisdom in guiding me not only in the best timing but the manner of transition.” So that conversation went exactly how I prayed. He told me when and how I should make the transitioned…so I did that exactly.

Choosing a Real Estate Company: After interviewing with 2 companies and having 3 others awaiting while I was driving I prayed ” Lord, I don’t want to chose a company out of my own desires and what sounds good in what they provide as a company or what the commissions splits will be. I know you have designated my steps into this career I want to follow every step exactly. Please have the broker of the company that you would like me to hang my license with call me TODAY. When he calls me have him ask me “WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A REALTOR”. ” I figured this was specific enough for me not to call it a coincidence 🙂

AND …..

The broker of Keller Williams Realty called me with in an hour and asked me why I wanted to get into real estate…. WOW right.

To this moment ( almost 2 months later), I have continued to seek God in every decision I make. I had a Real Estate closing (meaning a paycheck) 30 days after I made the transition, leaving our family no lapse in income. I have spent a tremendous amount of time with my 3 girls and the rest of my family and friends here in my hometown. I realized that God wasn’t giving me a career to love, he was giving me a LIFE to LOVE. He was giving me more time with my family, more time with my friends, more time to focus on learning the Bible, more time to build new relationships. In some ways this is the most difficult aspect to release control over (the money you rely on to live). I have always been taught if I wasn’t working I wasn’t providing for my family. I understand now that God’s desire is to reshape the way I think about truly living and providing for my family on this earth. It’s not about the lifestyle we can provide for ourselves in types of homes, cars, debt, savings, material things, ect… it’s about being the love, hands and feet he created us to be in Christ.

GOD is a Relationship GOD. His intention is to create a being that loves each other unconditionally & cares for each other’s well being above our own. Understanding this is one thing, but stepping out in faith, listening, following & responding to God’s desire for your life is completely different. I have learned that most of the time it goes completely against what LIFE & REALITY is to us.

We want COMFORT….. we find it in the arms of a loved one or the positive flow of our bank account or the security of our job. Our trust & desire when TRULY given to God should need no other comfort. When this is our reality then we find peace and comfort when all things around us are falling apart. I pray that you find comfort in God’s desire for your heart and for your life. I pray that every second of every day is another step in faith trusting HIS plan even when you can’t see the outcome.

One thought on “Stepping out in Faith

  1. Lynn Trombetta says:

    I loved reading this! It spoke to my heart too! Thank you…..
    I know you’ll excel in the things. God has put before you and. He has/will give you favor….so very happy for you and proud of you!


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