Counting Calories…Does it work?

Yes! I absolutely with out a doubt fully stand behind your bodies natural design to utilize food as fuel, daily living & creating a healthy happy life balance.
Your body was designed to operated off of a certain amount of calories with each passing day & with each activity!

Here is where I see the issues with counting calories.


Your body was designed to utilize each Macro-Nutrient a particular way. If you are feed yourself too much carbs or too much fats or too much protein then your body can not operate efficiently. Just like Transmission fluid in the oil tank or gas in the brake lines! Your body needs particular foods for particular functions. These functions include energy, brain function, muscle repair, immune system, digestion, healing ect…

I highly suggest educating yourself about

1. What are macro-nutrients: Proteins (animal & vegetable), Fats (good and bad), Complex Carbohydrates, Vegetables & Fruits

2. Which foods = which macro-nutrients: Proteins (animal & vegetable), Fats (good and bad), Complex Carbohydrates, Vegetables & Fruits

3. What your body uses each macro nutrient for: Energy, Healing, Rebuilding, Re-Fueling, Digesting Ect..

This is your body, your life, gain control through education! Do not let the world or media dictate what you know about your own body & what you feed it on a daily basis.