Out of The Mud

Lift your eyes my child, for when you walk towards me there is no need to hold your head low. Come and I will teach you, come see the world through my eyes. May I give you a vision that is different from yours? Will you choose to see how I see? I am asking, I will not tell you what to do. I have given you that freedom amongst many freedoms. I have given you choice as weapon. Often times you come so close and yet you still turn away. May I have this dance my daughter? You can stand on my feet, I will guide your ways and hold your heart as you trust me once again.

Dear Daughter 

I am sitting here, it’s 10pm. Each of you played all day with your friends and your sisters. You happily dozed off to sleep after a full day of joy…. I am praying in such thankfulness.

How thankful I am for the blessing of you. How thankful I am for your joyful laughter. How thankful I am for your contagious smile. How thankful I am for your loving embrace. How thankful I am for your heart warming whispers. How thankful I am to be chosen to be your mom. Thank you My Father ❤️

Lord I pray you continue to fill these girls with your love, your heart and your dreams for them. I pray the draw near to you more and more each passing day. I pray your guidance and their love for you is stronger than anything that crosses their path. I pray your protection over them in Jesus name Amen.

Take Back Your Life

Some of us may not realize that we have molded into a life that is controlled by other people. As much as all this new technology keeps us moving, involved, and in the know, it has created a world where all we do is respond to other people’s demands.


Take a second to think about it.

How many notifications do you have on your phone right now? How many instant messenger, emails, games, likes and comments from recent post or even notifications for items that are selling near you….the list goes on and on. Does your phone beep, vibrate or light up everytime your are “notified” of something. I mean it’s super important right? It makes us feel busy, active, involved and  important?

When did we start making these words synonyms? They do not mean this same thing. Busy does not mean important nor does it mean productive. Constantly responding to other people or electronic demands of our time is blinding. When is the last time you took a moment to think and meditate on exactly how you’d like your day to go? Who would you love to have a conversation with? Who would you enjoy sharing one-on-one time with? Do you realize you can create your day?

The best quote ever said to me…so far…

Heather….are you coming at your day or is your day coming at you?

That is the day every single notification what turned off on my phone and my phone set to silent. That’s right. I have ZERO notifications, no vibrations, no dings, rings or fancy chimes. Zip, zero, nada, none.

My life has changed drastically. I come at my day. I am more at peace then I ever have been. I don’t have anxiety nor do I feel rushed or obligated. I spend 50% more time with my family. I have several more meaningful conversations. I am in the here and the now with the people I chose to spend my time with.

How amazing would that feel for you?

Let’s talk about this. How do you feel? What do you foresee as speed bump or issues you would run into? 

Peek into Worship


Recently I came to realize that “Worship” doesn’t mean the same to everyone. It is not that people do not want it to mean the same thing. It is that they only get what they know. They only know what they experience. They only experience what they have been introduced to.

I have been a worshiper since 2009 when I met Jesus. I did not grow up knowing and understanding who Jesus was at all. I knew that there was God and God created man and people went to church on Sundays. Although I didn’t go to church regularly I knew God created me.

I did find myself praying, however. My grandmother introduced my brother and me to prayer as children. Although prayer was never a constant in my life as a child, it was my absolute go-to when my life was disrupted or I felt alone.

I will not go into my entire salvation story today. My point in referencing this is that I literally was brought to my knees by the holy spirit and began following Jesus because Jesus opened my eyes (at the age of 26). I talked to God from then on. I learned how relational He was and the one way to connect with him was through worship. Worship through singing, through silence and listening and through dancing. By no means was I a great singer or dancer. I began to realize the more I let go and didn’t care whether what I was singing or how I sounded or whether I had any rhythm to my movement, the more I connected with the Holy Spirit. That “Peace and Joy that surpasses all understanding” is absolutely what I experienced.

Worship is what we were created for.

We are always trying to find peace and joy through our own means. We come up with things we want to do or be involved in thinking we will find complete happiness and fulfillment. Upon completion or even halfway through we only find ourselves lacking desired results.

Why do you think this is? Why do you think we can see the light at the end of the tunnel believing and thinking we have found our calling only to find ourselves at the starting line again?

I believe that when we connect with God relationally and intimately through worship that he teaches us things that are beyond our natural abilities to comprehend. That the fulfillment is in a spiritual place and our minds are far too immature to grasp it. When we make this connection consistent we are filled, fulfilled & walking in peace and joy consistently.

Welcome to walking into one of the first things you will not grasp until you experience. That is the way God works. We shouldn’t expect anything less from a God that is so wonderful.

God, I thank you for the people reading this. I thank you that their hearts are desiring to know you more and to know themselves more…the way you created them. I pray a release of your holy spirit into their lives through worship. I pray they find worship in silence, singing, dancing, writing, painting, drawing and any other creative area you place on their heart. I pray an awakening of their spirit and a fire in their heart to know you more. I pray this in your precious son Jesus name Amen.