Break Out, Break Free…

Don’t let life pass you by because you are afraid to move or be seen or make a mistake. Make plenty of mistakes and never stop growing, reaching and learning. We learn how to survive and we learn how to overcome. We learn how to fight and we learn how to run. Freedom is an acceptance to be you, be creative, expressive, to love and to love again. You are a survivor and an overcomer. These are not words to define who we are ladies these are words that describe what we do with life. Today is the day to no longer be controlled by fear or be defined by life happenings. Break out of your shell and breathe fresh new air. Your heart is beating a new beat and dancing to a new song. Let your true self shine, smile and be free. Let’s find the true creative, loving, living, life breathing, captivating, expressive, uniquely designed you and let her out.

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