Called to Live Joyfully

I pray this message pierces your heart & penetrates to its core, In Jesus Name Amen.

You are called to Be Alive in Christ, to Live Rejoicing, to Sing with Gladness, to Dance Cheerfully, to Shout with Joy, to Laugh Freely & To Love with Abandon

When is the last time you experienced all of this in one day…in one week?

I feel the Lord impressing this so deep on my heart I can hardly stand it. The enemy has definitely come to steal our Joy. In many ways he has convinced Gods daughters & sons that Joy is earned. He has convinced us that joyful days are more like moments in time that come rarely & barely last long enough to create a memory.

Doing something with Abandon means to behave in a wild way! To let go & cease from caring how others will react or perceive.

Can you believe that this is the very reason why we control our Joy? Because others will think we are crazy!

Think about it. When your spirit is calling you to sing or dance joyfully, how often do you just let go & freely shout the song in your spirit or recklessly let go & dance with gladness?

Answer these questions in your Journal in regards to joyful actions to include all things that others or even myself think are crazy:

1. Why don’t I just do it?

2. What is really holding me back?

3. When is the last time I truly experienced Joy

4. What promises of Joyful living do I believe?

5. What scriptures remind me of Gods desire for me to live Joyful?

This is just the beginning of this Blog & the message and call God has put on my heart to share with you. Let’s take this Journey together.

Feel free to comment or message me freely.

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