No Rhyme or Reason… Just Jesus

My father knows more than my name

He created me to be, do, have unashamed

The labels the world places on me

Have nothing on God’s grace indeed

It did take cuts, bruises & tears to finally hear

Decipher that deep whisper as oh so sincere

It is not your fault I no longer listen to you

Don’t be burdened or distressed, no shame is due

Jesus called my name for the 1000th time

You see he is patient and requires no rhyme

No reason, no season, no sudden excuse

Just openness & love and belief in the good news

He will dry your tears & soothe anger, depression addiction & lust

No need to be ashamed it is in all of us, but Him you can trust

You see your words don’t cause strife or confusion to me

Just a yearning to introduce my savior and king

He died on the cross so I chose to as well

So my dear friends like you can live in freedom instead of hell

What do you ask how is it you say?

Yes he will enter your heart your life & he will stay

Dear Jesus my friend is in need of you right now

He’s here arms lifted, heart open & life laid down

How awesome are you with just one moment

With no requirements, no judgments or one single  atonement

To wipe away misery, self-destruction & grief

And send your holy spirit to fill a life that bleeds

Hallelujah my heart sings and rejoices

If you haven’t met my Jesus this may just sound like noises

Don’t worry when your ready just call

No matter the time or the place he is there through it all

Just in case you forget and need some help

Just say, Jesus, I’m willing, I’m ready I give you all of myself

Come into my life & dwell forever

I’m ready to know you & live life together

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