Are you POOPING?

I am often perplexed that some people do not make this correlation so why not talk about it! POOP has everything to do with your metabolism, how you feel, weight loss & even health. Often POOPING is a very shy subject, however reality is, it’s not only normal, it is very much so needed!! If you are having trouble pooping… Meaning if you do not poop daily or at least every other day, then you definitely need to pay your digestive system some attention asap.

Your body is designed to run, energize, fuel, heal & operate off of food. However it can not nor will it use everything you eat even if it is all healthy. Your body has to rid “waste” or foods that it isn’t using every time you eat. They say it takes up to 12 hours for the entire eat-to-waste process. So theoretically if you are going several days with out pooping, then your body is a walking time bomb waiting to explode. Literally. 


1. If your stomach and digestive system is not working properly your body can not adequately increase its metabolism! Meaning Lose Weight!

2. You will start to smell like POOP! If you are not eliminating you will start to smell like waste product from every place your body can eliminate from.

3. Not POOPING can make you very frustrated, irritated or even angry. You’d be surprised what you will feel like when you begin to fix your POOPING issue! 

If you have any questions private message me on FB 🙂 I’d love to share all of the things I have learned about POOPING!



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