Truth about FAT

Their is definitely the need for FAT in our Diets! I know unbelievable huh? Why all the hype in the weight loss world to cut fats? I’m not going to go into the science mumbo jumbo, here is what you need to know and understand to make awesome adjustments!

#1. Fat is just a category of fats, you should know the following:

Trans Saturated Fats: AKA MAN MADE & BAD FOR YOU! (anything that includes the word Hydrogen or anything like this word (0% of your calories)

Saturated Fats: Naturally occurring, mainly from ANIMALS. NEEDED BUT VERY READILY AVAILABLE SO WE GET A LOT (5-%10% of your calories)

Unsaturated Fats: Naturally occurring in Fish, nuts seeds and plants (like avocados). VERY VERY GOOD (25%-30% of your calories)

#2. Fats Balance Hormones! What woman doesn’t need to naturally balance your hormones??  Hormones are produced using fatty acids and cholesterol. If you are denying your body these nutrients then hormone problems arise. Especially “women” hormones. Great additions include egg yolks, avocados, coconut oil, soaked nuts & seeds and olives/olive oil.

#3. Remember food was designed to fuel, heal, energize, balance & be on our side! Man-made or man-altered food has un-natural products, chemicals & things our body was not designed to digest. If you are trying to change your nutrition I suggest changing your mindset to bring balance to your diet. Begin to think of food as healing and energizing. Re-design the way you think of food.

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