Small Steps to Weight Loss Success

Losing weight is nearly the most researched topic on the internet today & probably the one with the most amount of information. Ugh How frustrating is that! What diet works best for me? Why do I fail every time I try to diet? I know what to do I just need accountability!

Well Here is my Tidbit on Weight Loss Today!

Start with One Change Each Week. Pick a Day. Monday, Friday, Sunday. It doesn’t matter. However this will be your DAY every week! You have to keep a few things in mind. Your “DAY” can not and will not change. Once you set your day that’s it. The next important factor is whatever you choose you have to be committed! Meaning You only have to change one thing per week. DO NOT PICK THE HARDEST THING FIRST! If you are a sweetaholic, carbaholic, breadaholic or what have you do not make this your first change. My suggestion is to choose something like this:

1. I will eat 2 Eggs and 1 slice of Toast Every Day this week for breakfast.

2. I will Take a Bottle of Water with me & fill it up 3 times per day.

3. I will go to bed by 10pm every night.

4. I will stretch for 15 minutes every morning with no exception

5. I will Drink an 8oz glass of water with every meal.

6. I will Bring Fruit to snack on every day this week

7. I will not eat candy all week, instead I will eat grapes

Give it a Try and I post here to let us keep you accountable!!

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